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Beyond Music Theory - Reference Manual

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Music is a very broad field of study and music theory alone can be a highly comprehensive and demanding subject. As I was studying, I started to feel the need of having one main book with all those concepts and ideas put together in one place, instead of having to look for it elsewhere.

So, I started to compile all my notes and thoughts and created what you see here. An eBook that contains a large part of the music theory concepts, ready to be used in your music composition practice and presented in the most simple and concise manner. This is the result of my personal needs as a composer, teacher and fellow music student over the years and I sincerely hope that it can also be your Reference Manual for music theory.

Find out what you will be learning with the interactive Beyond Music Theory eBook by downloading the Table of Contents or checking the product images.
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Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

2 weeks ago

Excellent and Important for Film Music

There are countless theory textbooks, but few cover advanced concepts like this one. This book covers all of these concepts and it's quite complete. Every serious film composer must know what's in the book in my opinion. It's the missing part of conventional texts. There should be more of those on the market. It's a great resource, that teaches how to modulate between modes, what negative harmony is, polychords, clusters and much more—essential stuff for film scoring. Just look at the table of contents by downloading the preview. I'm glad I bought it.

A topic that could be added it planing. But that's the only thing that I can think of right now.


Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Fantastic book and a great reference for musicians

Having delved into the world of jazz trombone, I found myself grappling with unclear and unexplained concepts. Fortunately, this book proved to be an invaluable resource, filling the gaps in my knowledge. It serves as an excellent reference for deciphering the meanings behind various chord symbols and structures, making it a worthwhile purchase. I am thoroughly pleased with the insights gained from this book.