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A Practical Guide to Music Expression

- and the Elements of Music -

Course Description

In this free course we will be looking into ways of giving meaning to your music by using the musical elements and how you can apply them in your music.

Get access to insights and practical tools that will help you unlock your creative potential and overcome the difficulties of implementing your musical ideas in whatever genre you are composing.

This course focuses on how you can use contexts, images, ideas, emotions to give you hints on how you can use the various musical elements to express yourself.

Take what you learn and apply it in a project that is proposed to you in the end of this course.

The bonus materials cover the music theory concepts approached in the course along with the abridged version of the Beyond Music Theory eBook.

Who is this Course For

  • For those who wish to learn how to explore the emotional character of music through the musical elements in their music compositions

  • Music enthusiasts with little to no music knowledge

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